Passing on the torch to millennials

There is a good chance your organization has discussed the idea of how to reach the millennial generation. Smart leaders recognize the importance of keeping young people integrated and active within churches, schools and community nonprofits. It is critical to engage young constituents – one day they will serve as the next generation of leaders. Without young, dedicated people in our communities, our missions and organizations would cease to exist. I’ve identified three areas on… Read more »

Boost your planned giving program with a legacy society

A legacy society is an effective planned giving program that thanks your current planned giving donors and creates a vehicle to cultivate and encourage new donors. A legacy society also allows you to deepen your relationship with existing donors, which could lead to new gifts or plant the seeds for larger gifts in the future. Before you introduce a legacy society, designate a special name that is meaningful to your organization. Considering naming the society… Read more »

Two questions to ask yourself before you start a capital campaign

As the calendar turns from year to year, you may be tempted to closely examine your master plan with the desire to take the next step toward fulfilling that strategic blueprint. Such intentions, designed to ensure or enhance the integrity of an organization’s mission, invariably lead to a discussion of a capital campaign and the best time for leadership to accept a major undertaking. Before moving forward and accepting the challenge, all nonprofits need to… Read more »

IRA Charitable Rollover – what you need to know

The IRA Charitable Rollover, a popular charitable giving tool for donors age 70½ and older, is available from now until the end of the year. On December 16, Congress passed legislation that included the IRA Charitable Rollover and the president is expected to sign it soon. However, this opportunity is only available through December 31, 2014. Donors age 70½ and older may transfer up to $100,000 from their IRA to a qualified public charity. The… Read more »

Take note to write a letter relevant to your donors

In the age of constant contact and instant messaging, the art of letter writing can seem quite lost. At one time, writing a letter was the next best thing to a personal visit, as paper passed from the hands of the writer into the hands of the receiver. In efforts to increase delivery speed and reduce consumption, letters are delivered now via multiple channels. Whether in paper or electronic form, letters remain an essential component… Read more »

Social media has a campaign role, just don’t expect Ice Bucket Challenge level of success

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort represent philanthropic home runs. Employing social media platforms, both campaigns secured an unprecedented number of modest contributions from an international pool of donors and raised tens of millions of dollars. If you are tempted to replace personal visits with social media to secure gifts to your capital campaign, ask two practical questions: How many $10, $50 or $100 gifts do you need to… Read more »