A few ideas for year-end planned gifts

It’s time. As we enter the homestretch of the year, charitable organizations are turning their focus to year-end giving strategies. Often overlooked during this time are opportunities to present specific (sometimes creative) charitable gift planning ideas. Your donors are making plans to review their estates with accountants, attorneys and financial advisors – now is the season to educate them and present opportunities for gifts in wills, charitable trusts, life insurance policies or other deferred giving… Read more »

Don’t forget the thank you note

The importance of a well-written thank you note is arguably best defined in this comment by Dale Carnegie: “Writing a sincere thank you note is one of the professional skills that can make a lasting, favorable impression.” Acts of compassion must be recognized. No matter the size of the donation or sacrifice, people appreciate being thanked. They want to be reminded they are making a difference. And in today’s web-driven world, an email, text or… Read more »

Inspiring support in capital campaigns

Early this year, I challenged my team to take a critical look at our strategic plan and to share their most honest feedback about areas in need of growth. Our online presence and the overall Steier Group brand emerged as a topic of discussion over and over again. I must admit, the initial recommendations to revamp both our brand and website made me leery. But today, I can tell you with certainty that it was… Read more »

Beware the bake sale

The building project has finally been approved and it’s time to raise funds to turn this long-awaited dream into a reality. You put your apron on because you know you’ll need to sell more than a few desserts to get where you want to go. After you, and countless others, have put in hours, days and weeks of planning and baking, you’re finally ready for the annual bake sale. When it’s all said and done,… Read more »

Capital campaign philosophy: people give to people, especially people they know

Let’s face it: People typically don’t enjoy asking their friends, neighbors and coworkers for money. At the Steier Group, this approach to fundraising has led to hundreds of successful capital campaigns for our clients. Our clients know our capital campaign philosophy is based on two simple premises: People give to people they know People give when asked Sometimes, our clients shy away from using personal visits as the staple in their campaigns. They would rather… Read more »

Three questions to ask when donors remember you in their will

When you learn your organization has been named in a donor’s will it can be a very exciting, but sometimes confusing, time. The planned gift may be from a faithful donor who is well known to you and your organization. But sometimes it’s from a donor who has no apparent connection to your organization, and you have no record of them in your database. In either case, you should ask three important questions after learning… Read more »