Our approach

Capital campaign strategies that inspire support — and reach your goals

Personalized, attentive service. Customized capital campaign strategies. Ongoing attention even after a capital campaign ends. With every project we undertake, we stay focused on delivering the right set of services for a nonprofit’s specific needs. Our goal is for every client to enjoy a successful campaign and achieve their goals.

How do we do it? Through a balanced combination of extensive fundraising experience, genuine enthusiasm, unmatched professionalism — and the right people.

Our capital campaign managers come from varied backgrounds, including development, public relations, university administration, law, journalism, marketing and business management. This blend of talents allows us to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients, as well as the evolving fundraising environment.
We wholeheartedly commit ourselves to every capital campaign we help to organize and guide. Our passion for fundraising is evident in our dedication to the success of our clients.
Friendly, competent and highly skilled, our campaign managers will become an important part of your team. You’ll be proud to have them represent your organization.
The right people
Put simply, we stand apart because of the quality of our people. They’re responsible for keeping each capital campaign on the right track — and they’re a huge part of why so many of our clients ask us to come back and lead subsequent campaigns.

Our campaign managers are full-time Steier Group employees, hired for their knowledge and professionalism, and completely dedicated to the fundraising needs of our clients. You can trust that your campaign manager is 100 percent focused on only your campaign, from start to finish. Plus, you’ll have the backing of our entire team, adding even more strength to your fundraising efforts.

Our history

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1997, the Steier Group has grown exponentially, having served more than 1,300 nonprofit organizations across the country. Since our inception, we’ve successfully led capital campaigns ranging from $400,000 to more than $100 million, raising 115 percent of our campaign goals. With every successful campaign, we continue to grow, expand our services and broaden our client base.

Our mission

To partner with nonprofit clients and inspire support for their fundraising goals.