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How to start a capital campaign

For most nonprofits, a capital campaign is the result of many months, if not years, of strategic planning and preparation. Typically, an organization has established some long-term goals and projects that are too large to be funded through normal operating revenue. Now, what are the next steps? How do I start a capital campaign? Here are the five key steps in transitioning from strategic planning to conducting a campaign: Identify your organization’s needs: Before moving… Read more »

Eight capital campaign strategies that work

Every capital campaign is different. The organization’s mission and vision, the campaign goals, the donor base, the availability of willing volunteers – all of these factors contribute to making each project unique. However, there are techniques that apply to almost all organizations. Here are eight capital campaign strategies that work: Campaign planning studies: Even before a decision is made about whether to conduct a campaign, a thorough campaign planning study will set you on the… Read more »

Keep a successful annual appeal separate from capital campaigns

Can you have too much of a good thing? When it comes to an annual appeal the answer is “yes.” The Steier Group works often with nonprofits that pushed too hard and too fast on their annual appeals. “Our annual appeal brings in great returns. Let’s make it into a campaign by increasing the goals and the amount we request. We will have even bigger success!” That’s usually how the thinking goes. Unfortunately for organizations… Read more »

Successful capital campaigns begin with proper planning

In a major fundraising effort, you will face a number of difficult questions and decisions. None may be bigger than this: Where do we begin? Simply put, the planning stages of successful capital campaigns can begin long before your initial call to the Steier Group. We want to be part of your planning process, but we also know we do our best work when we partner with you at the right time. That “right time”… Read more »

An appointed time for everything: Engaging the liturgical year in capital campaign fundraising

“There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) We all operate under the cyclic rhythm and pace of seasons and events important to us and our organizations. Just as our annual calendar moves through the four seasons, so too we live by other markers of time: academic calendars, fiscal calendars, tax season and more. The many Catholic clients we serve live by the liturgical… Read more »

Two questions to ask yourself before you start a capital campaign

As the calendar turns from 2014 to 2015, you may be tempted to closely examine your master plan with the desire to take the next step toward fulfilling that strategic blueprint. Such intentions, designed to ensure or enhance the integrity of an organization’s mission, invariably lead to a discussion of a capital campaign and the best time for leadership to accept a major undertaking. Before moving forward and accepting the campaign challenge, all nonprofits need… Read more »