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What is a donor advised fund and how can it help your organization?

The world of nonprofit fundraising is filled with assumptions and misconceptions, many of which are held and advanced by professionals within its own ranks. One such example is that foundations are made, maintained and funded by the uber-wealthy, leaving the rest of the population with only traditional gifting vehicles such as multi-year pledges, gifts of cash and stock transfers. This narrative is obviously a generalization. As proof, consider the recent offering by Schwab Charitable that… Read more »

Boost your planned giving program with these tips

Fall offers the perfect chance to take a look at your nonprofit’s planned giving program. Strong annual giving, strategically-planned special events, and professionally-run capital campaigns are the bedrock of any fundraising program. But a strong planned giving program will have a lasting impact for any nonprofit. Does your organization have a legacy society? Have you taken stock of all the deferred gifts your donors have planned? Here are four ways to improve your planned giving… Read more »

Four ways to improve your planned giving program

Strong planned giving is the hallmark of a high-functioning development program. While many organizations are able to meet their needs through annual fundraising and capital campaigns, planned giving is often the final element that allows a program to reach its full potential. Deferred gifts offer peace of mind to both the donor and the organization. They allow the organization to escape the hand-to-mouth budgeting cycle and plan for the long term. Is your planned giving program… Read more »

Five key steps to launching a planned giving program

According to the Center on Philanthropy, donors that make planned gifts also increase their current giving. Planned giving provides short- and long-term benefits to your organization. Starting a planned giving program is a vital step in securing a strong financial future for your organization. Here are five key steps to beginning your planned giving program: Educate your constituents: Between half and two-thirds of Americans do not have an estate plan in place. Encouraging your donors… Read more »

A different IRA conversation

Donors may be asking if the popular IRA Charitable Rollover will become available before the end of the year. The short answer? We don’t know. For the foreseeable future, this is a question your donors may have to ask on an annual basis, and you are wise to have an answer ready for them. Donors age 70½ and older will spend the next two months waiting to see if Congress will pass legislation allowing for… Read more »

Boost your planned giving program with a legacy society

A legacy society is an effective planned giving program that thanks your current planned giving donors and creates a vehicle to cultivate and encourage new donors. A legacy society also allows you to deepen your relationship with existing donors, which could lead to new gifts or plant the seeds for larger gifts in the future. Before you introduce a legacy society, designate a special name that is meaningful to your organization. Considering naming the society… Read more »