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Timing is key during transition from a planning study into a capital campaign

By January 8, 2019July 15th, 2021Steier Tips

Great news! Your organization’s recently-completed planning study found strong support for a capital campaign. Your donors are fired up and ready to support such a transformational fundraising effort. You have interested volunteers and leaders excited to step up.

What’s your next step?

At the Steier Group, we advise our clients to start the capital campaign immediately – preferably in less than two weeks.

We have found that delaying the start of a capital campaign after a successful planning study can hinder the success of the effort. In 194 church capital campaigns over the last 10 years, we found that clients that began a campaign less than two weeks after a planning study raised a median of 138 percent of the fundraising goal. That was 17 percent more than those that waited longer than two weeks.

Here are three reasons why it is important to quickly move into a capital campaign:

Continue momentum: You just spent several weeks asking your community to consider the path forward for your organization. Donors heard about exciting projects that could improve your facilities or about the importance of retiring debt. The process likely got them thinking about how best to help a cause close to their heart. You have a captive audience. Do not waste this momentum. Our modern world moves at a fast pace. If you delay, donors may lose some of their interest in supporting the campaign.

Maintain awareness: Your constituents are now aware of your project goals. They’ve heard about a potential capital campaign several times during the past several weeks and probably read about the proposed goals in the fact sheet shared during the planning study. They know something is coming and are ready to support your organization. Every week you delay makes it more likely for this to drop off your donors’ radar. That can mean less money raised or more work to communicate with your donors.

Reach your goals: Time is money. Our research shows that to be true when it comes to this important transition period. By delaying the start of a capital campaign, you risk raising less for your capital projects.

One way to avoid a delay during the transition is through proper planning. By having everyone in your organization on the same page before the planning study, it will be easier to make a quick transition.

If your organization is considering a planning study or capital campaign, we’d love the chance to work with you. Contact the Steier Group today. Our team of enthusiastic, talented and energetic campaign managers is ready to help your organization take the next step.