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After nearly a quarter century of helping nonprofits plan, reach and exceed their fundraising goals, we’ve accomplished a lot – and learned a thing or two. Our Steier Tips page features the latest Steier Group fundraising advice from our team of experts, case studies and helpful insight to consider as you plan your next campaign.

Don’t lose touch with donors during migration of snowbirds

By Steier Tips

As you are probably aware, the term “snowbird” refers to a northerner who moves to a warmer southern state during the winter months. The majority of the year they live in the area they consider home, but when the temperature dips, they relocate to a secondary residence to enjoy a milder winter. Generally, snowbirds begin their migration around the holidays and don’t return until late spring. Many organizations in colder climates have supporters that fall into this category, and it is imperative that you implement a plan for maintaining contact with them. Here are suggestions for keeping the lines of…

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Reminders and best practices for end-of-year activities

By Steier Tips

Halloween has come and gone, and before you know it we will be completely immersed in the holidays and the end-of-year activities that come along with the season. Below are several end-of-year initiatives that you may want to consider implementing for your organization: THE IRA CHARITABLE ROLLOVER This provision was originally scheduled to expire Dec. 31, 2011, but Fiscal Cliff legislation included a two-year retroactive extension and will now expire at the end of this year, on Dec. 31, 2013. As a result you should consider contacting the older donors in your database. The requirements are: Must be 70.5 years…

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Matthew Kelly partners with the Steier Group

By Steier Wire

Matthew Kelly, the internationally acclaimed Catholic speaker and best-selling author of “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic” and “Rediscover Catholicism” has partnered with the Steier Group to design a nationwide fundraising campaign. Donations to the campaign will allow the Dynamic Catholic Institute to create new, world-class education resources aimed at re-engaging and re-energizing Catholics. These much-needed resources will be made available to parishes across the country for free. The idea for the project dates to 2009, when Matthew Kelly founded the Dynamic Catholic Institute and launched the most ambitious Catholic research project ever attempted. The organization interviewed more than…

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