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Successful capital campaign led to bolstered annual fund for Paulist Fathers

By July 28, 2023September 8th, 2023Steier Tips

Are you concerned that a capital campaign will negatively impact your organization’s annual giving program? Contrary to this common belief, the evidence is clear that capital campaigns have a positive effect on overall annual giving.

Here are a few reasons why a capital campaign will increase your yearly support:

Increased donor engagement. Capital campaigns involve engagement from donors in many ways. Whether it’s participating in a study, serving on a campaign team, making a financial commitment, or attending events and celebrating milestones, this increased engagement builds stronger relationships with donors and benefactors, which leads to increased ongoing support.

New donor acquisition. Capital campaigns are a great way to introduce your organization to new donors. And once they’ve made a gift, they’re more likely to continue giving in the future.

Increased visibility. Capital campaigns put your organization in the spotlight, which increases visibility and awareness. This results in increased giving from both current and new donors.

I have previously presented our own statistics on the positive impact that capital campaigns have on annual giving for Steier Group clients, but it is even more edifying to see our clients continue to experience it.

The Paulist Fathers, a Steier Group success story, reflected on how the Hope for the Future campaign impacted their annual giving fund. Recently, the Paulists held the 3rd annual Hecker Awards on April 22, 2023, which celebrates the individuals and organizations that help advance the Paulist mission in the spirit of their founder, Servant of God Isaac Hecker.

During the celebration, Paulist Fathers President, Very Rev. René Constanza, CSP, noted, “In the last three months, we have received close to 1,100 households that have participated in the annual Paulist appeal, which is 200 more than participated in the entire year last year.” The amount given in three months has also surpassed the amount of the previous year by nearly 150%. Fr. Costanza noted that these results are connected to the messaging and positive drive of the capital campaign, “I believe that the difference has been the momentum that the capital campaign gave us…that momentum to build relationships with our benefactors.” Connecting with donors and benefactors doesn’t end with the campaign. The bond that is created through building and participating in a common mission only grows through engagement.

Here are a few tips for ensuring that your capital campaign has a positive impact on annual giving:

Have a compelling case for support. Donors need to understand why your capital campaign is important and how their gift will make a difference. Our team will give you the tools to build messaging and language that effectively communicates your case.

Measure success in different ways. Of course, you want to raise a lot of money. But if that’s the only way you’re measuring success, you’re missing out on many wonderful opportunities. Root your messaging in stewardship, mission and impact. Promote planned giving. Share your long-term strategic vision. Celebrate participation. Expand outreach. If you do all these things, the campaign will be a home run – not just because you hit your fundraising goals.

Celebrate your successes. As you reach milestones, take the time to celebrate your successes with donors. This will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

Please reach out to have a conversation with me about the impact a capital campaign could have on your organization’s annual giving.