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Saint Lawrence

By August 10, 2023September 8th, 2023Steier Tips

After Pope Sixtus II was captured and executed, the prefect of Rome demanded that Lawrence turn over the riches of the Catholic Church. Lawrence asked for three days and, in that time, he quickly distributed as much of the church’s wealth to the poor as he could.

The prefect was so angry that he had given away the riches that he tortured Lawrence over a gridiron on top of hot coals.

Although he is the patron saint of archivists and librarians, this act by Lawrence is a blessed example of Catholic stewardship and philanthropy.

Mark Petersen, CEO of Stronger Philanthropy, joined the Twelve Wicker Baskets podcast to discuss his journey on the camino of Santiago de Compostela and his book, Love Giving Well: The Pilgrimage of Philanthropy.

At the 50 minute mark, Petersen shares St. Lawrence’s story. Listen here: