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Don’t leave your staff out of capital campaign loop

By June 3, 2014October 11th, 2021Steier Tips

The decision has been made, and it’s a big one: your organization will move forward with a capital campaign.

These are exciting times, but your to-do list is about to grow considerably.

First things first: Don’t forget your staff. Make sure employees, at every level, are notified first about this big decision. Don’t let them hear second-hand from a volunteer or donor. They deserve to hear this important news from you. Their buy-in and support are critical to the success of the campaign.

Consider these additional suggestions:

  • Meet personally with each employee. Share why you support the project. Make it personal. They will appreciate your time and candor. Tell them they can have a hand in the project’s success. Give them tasks, big and small, but emphasize the importance of each.
  • Provide your team, especially those who answer the telephone and email sent to your general inbox, with talking points about the project. Don’t make them guess about the details. The talking points also ensure that everyone is sharing the same message.
  • Include staff when celebrating project milestones. The campaign just hit $1 million in pledges. Your next step? Invite everyone for cake in the break room. Acknowledge their hard work and the organization’s success.
  • Make your organization approachable during this important time. If you use an automated voice system to answer your phone, consider answering calls live during the campaign. Imagine a new donor – who has heard about your project and wants to make a significant gift – getting confused and hanging up in frustration. Perhaps you can even take a turn at the front desk.

Do not lose sight of how important your team is. They contact your donors, and answer their questions, big and small. They help fill out paperwork and in some cases, take on extra work during a campaign. Never lose sight of how important they are and the difference they can make.

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