How to incorporate Giving Tuesday into a capital campaign

A national or regional day of giving, such as Giving Tuesday, could seem to be at odds with a complex fundraising effort like a capital campaign. Devoting time and resources to one day of fundraising could take away focus and funds from a campaign. But that doesn’t have to be the case!

With proper planning and clear communications, it’s possible to successfully incorporate Giving Tuesday or any day of giving into your capital campaign.

At the Steier Group, we often conclude our onsite campaign management with Commitment Weekend. It’s a chance to celebrate the fundraising success achieved during the capital campaign while also providing another opportunity for donors to make a pledge or gift. A day of giving can represent the online equivalent of Commitment Weekend. Celebrate your success while providing another avenue for donors to support your organization.

The key to any successful day of giving is preparation and a solid game plan. CauseVox has a great resource for planning your Giving Tuesday efforts.

Once you have your plan in place, it is time to work it in to the timeline for your capital campaign. Here are three ways to incorporate Giving Tuesday into a capital campaign:

Use a match challenge to generate interest for Giving Tuesday and the campaign. Find one (or more) of your best supporters and ask them to serve as the matching donor(s) for a Giving Tuesday campaign challenge. Pledge all Giving Tuesday donations to the capital campaign. This will provide a boost to your campaign thermometer while reaching more donors.

Generate interest in your organization and campaign. A properly executed Giving Tuesday plan will increase brand awareness leading up to the actual day of giving. Ask your donors to share information about your organization on social media channels in the run up to the day of giving. This is an effective way to share your story with a new audience on a day when donors are already opening their wallets to support great organizations like yours. Additional attention provides you with another opportunity to reach new donors for your capital campaign.

Follow up with new donors. Increased brand awareness around a day of giving should lead to new donors for your organization. If a donor is new to your cause, reach outthank the donor and share the great work that you do. The key is to take your time before approaching the new donor with a request for a capital campaign gift. Be sure to cultivate new supporters before making a more sacrificial ask. And don’t forget to say “thank you” for all gifts received!

As the importance of online giving continues to grow, Giving Tuesday and other days of giving present a unique way of engaging with current and prospective donors in a new and fun way. If you have questions about Giving Tuesday or the Steier Group’s services, please contact me.