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Interconnectedness of Discipleship, Stewardship and Evangelization with David Baranowski

By April 27, 2022October 4th, 2023podcast, Steier Tips

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In the Gospel, Jesus fed 5,000 with only five loaves and two fish. After the crowd was satisfied, there were 12 wicker baskets left over. God provides the abundance. In each episode of this podcast, we will explore, with pastoral leaders and development professionals, all the many ways God meets the spiritual and temporal needs of our parish communities, our Catholic schools and the diocesan church. And not only meets those needs but provides in abundance.

The third episode of the podcast is Interconnectedness of discipleship, stewardship and evangelization with David Baranowski.

Discipleship, stewardship and evangelization all center around relationship, and specifically relationship with God and neighbor. In this episode, guest Dave Baranowski recounts his own spiritual journey and notes that an encounter with Jesus and hearing the call to discipleship changes everything in one’s life. For those who have had an authentic encounter with the Lord, the practice of the faith moves from obligation to friendship. This naturally spurs the disciple to gratitude for all that is received (stewardship), which in turn inspires generosity.

Unlike simple philanthropy, which supports causes of one’s own interest and often involves getting something back, the Christian disciple gives from a place of trusting faith, that all this is given has been first received as gift. Relationship with Christ also impels the disciple to exercise and live out his or her unique charisms (gifts of the Holy Spirit) to lead others to the same life-giving encounter with Jesus (evangelization). Discerning our charisms, which are always used for good, is central to discipleship so that the fruit we bear in life flows from God through us to enrich the lives of others.

Guest: David Baranowski
Director of Parish Stewardship & Leadership Formation, Archdiocese of Saint Louis

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