Don’t miss out on donors by ignoring digital giving in a capital campaign

For a student, 10 percent is the difference between earning a grade of B or that coveted A. For a baseball player, 10 percent is the difference between being a good hitter or among the best all-time hitters in the game. For your capital campaign – and more importantly, for your cause – 10 percent is the difference between Almost and We did it!

In its Charitable Giving Report, the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact reported that nearly 10 percent of fundraising in the Faith Communities sector in 2018 came from online giving. Other sectors, such as Arts & Culture, K-12 Education and Animal Welfare track closely to this same figure. Appreciating the power of 10 percent to put your campaign over the top, here are some considerations as you determine how best to incorporate digital giving into your campaign:

Align your methods of giving to your donors’ preferences

Pushpay, a full mobile giving and engagement solution, reported that 68 percent of those who attend a church are interested in digital giving. As you seek to meet your donors where they are, consider asking how they like to give charitably. This information could be gathered on parish or school registration forms or as part of a feasibility study in advance of a campaign. This approach can demonstrate your attentiveness to your stakeholders’ preferences.

Accommodate automatic and recurring payments

Pushpay also reported that “recurring givers annually donate 42 percent more than one-time donors.” Maintaining a system to accommodate automatic and recurring payments allows your donors an easy, secure means of supporting your organization over time. If your organization is looking for a way to invite generous and long-term support, this strategy could be integral in building this donor base.

Make your online giving portal mobile friendly

We live in a world where, for many, their smart phone goes with them wherever they go. Nonprofits Sourceshared that “25 percent of donors complete their donations on mobile devices.” Imagine a donor who wants to set up automatic payments toward your campaign on their phone but can’t do it on an outdated website. Online giving portals must be built with attention to the varied devices donors use to access them so that however, whenever a donor feels compelled to give their gift, they can do so.

In our 22 years of partnering with nonprofits, we’ve found it crucial to adapt to the changing needs of donors. In 2019 and beyond, that means incorporating digital giving into capital campaigns. It’s a priority for the Steier Group and should be for your organization.

If you have any questions about digital giving or would like to discuss a capital campaign, please contact me.