Developing your digital fundraising toolbox

Even if a comprehensive digital marketing platform isn’t right for your organization, there are many big and small ways you can increase the strength of your online fundraising efforts.

Here are a few tips you can implement now to develop your digital fundraising toolbox:

  • Online giving platform. If you do not currently have a way for donors to support you online, find one! The Steier Group has partnered with aware3 to provide a capital campaign online giving solution to clients.
  • Use social media. If your organization does not have a social media presence, you are missing out on ways to engage with your donors. Steven Shattuck of Bloomerang suggests a breakdown of 70 percent appreciation posts, 20 percent advocating for your cause and 10 percent actually asking for donations.
  • Email is your friend. Your donors already believe in your mission. So make sure to keep in touch via email. Don’t just reach out when you need a donation, make sure to keep donors informed of the great work you are doing.
  • Video leads to more funds raised. For online fundraising campaigns, there is no better way to increase donations than through a great video. These videos should engage potential donors and share your organization’s story.