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Blessed José Gregorio Hernández

By June 28, 2023September 8th, 2023Steier Tips

José Gregorio Hernández was a renowned Venezuelan physician who was beatified by the Catholic Church in 2021. Author/speaker Meg Hunter-Kilmer joined Twelve Wicker Baskets to discuss the life of saints, including Blessed José Gregorio Hernández.

One of Hunter-Kilmer’s central messages is that the saints were not born saints. They are not “dull outlines of immaculate lives, saccharin, plaster images gazing vapidly heavenward,” as she had once imagined them to be. Thinking of saints like that makes becoming one impossible.

In this episode, she discusses four saints whose lives exemplified the heroic virtue of generosity and who understood their time, talent and treasure as gifts to be offered in stewardship. You can learn more about Bl. José Gregorio Hernández by listening to Generous Disciples: What the Saints Teach Us About Stewardship with Meg Hunter-Kilmer.