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Ben Giles, M.A.

  [email protected]

Lafayette, Colorado

Xavier University (B.A.) and University of Dallas (M.A.)

Ben Giles enjoys spending time with his family.

Areas of Expertise:
Campaign planning studies, capital campaigns, communications.

Community Involvement:
Ben is a parishioner of St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having recently moved to the Cincinnati area, he is excited to find ways to get involved in his community.

Fun Fact:
Ben has been trained to give tours of the US Capitol Building.

Ben is an amateur golfer and enjoys reading, travel, trivia, exchanging letters with friends, writing with fountain pens and plane spotting.

What I like about the Steier Group:
I once joked with a friend who was an architecture student that he was taking the call to build up the Catholic Church literally. Joking aside, I knew that I also wanted to take that call somewhat literally: I wanted to pursue work that I would enjoy, find fulfilling and that would involve building strong professional relationships, but especially that would work to the promotion of the Gospel. Steier Group provides me with that opportunity.