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Capital campaign video can lead to fundraising success

What if I told you that fundraisers with video raise 70 percent more? That’s a big number – one that demands our attention. A capital campaign video is a strong way to convey a clear message and evoke passion about one’s cause. Most of our clients have found that the investment made in a professionally produced video is worth it. YouCaring, which assists organizations with online fundraising, states that fundraisers with videos raise 70 percent… Read more »

Social media has a campaign role, just don’t expect Ice Bucket Challenge level of success

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Effort represent philanthropic home runs. Employing social media platforms, both campaigns secured an unprecedented number of modest contributions from an international pool of donors and raised tens of millions of dollars. If you are tempted to replace personal visits with social media to secure gifts to your capital campaign, ask two practical questions: How many $10, $50 or $100 gifts do you need to… Read more »