The Lutheran Center Capital Campaign in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Lutheran Center

In 1952, the Lutheran Center was constructed adjacent to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. During the next 60 years, the campus grew around the center, which placed it in the heart of campus. Although the ministry was thriving, the center itself had outlived its usefulness. The Lutheran Center partnered with the Steier Group on a campaign planning study to gauge the interest in constructing a new center. The plan: build a new Lutheran Center on the same ideal location, expanding the footprint. Additionally, plans call for the Sjogren House, a residential area on the upper level that will be home to 11 students and one residential advisor. The Sjogren House will create a living endowment as the center will use the program fees to fund building ownership costs. Thanks to a successful planning study, the center will continue to serve as the heart of ministry on the Nebraska campus for years to come.

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A Customized Approach

We founded our firm on the belief that the best capital campaign is one that is customized and executed by one team, under one roof. When you hire the Steier Group, you eliminate the need to contract with additional vendors for services like copywriting, graphic design, grant writing, video production, website development or wealth screening. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising and embrace every opportunity to design a capital campaign plan that will maximize our client’s fundraising potential.

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