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Getting Your Diocese Ready for a Campaign

By June 26, 2024podcast, Steier Tips

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In the Gospel, Jesus fed 5,000 with only five loaves and two fish. After the crowd was satisfied, there were 12 wicker baskets left over. God provides the abundance. In each episode of this podcast, we will explore, with pastoral leaders and development professionals, all the many ways God meets the spiritual and temporal needs of our parish communities, our Catholic schools and the diocesan church. And not only meets those needs but provides in abundance.

The 28th episode of the podcast is Getting Your Diocese Ready for a Campaign.

Michael Hoffman has years of financial services and diocesan development experience and, in this episode,  draws on that experience to share important tips for any diocese considering a capital campaign. “We knew we needed to do something… nothing was not an option,” Michael said of the diocesan financial needs at his previous position as the Director of Stewardship for the Diocese of Davenport. Priest retirement and vocations support needed long-term funding, but the third leg of the stool was the parish share, allowing parishes to determine at the parochial level how their portion of campaign funds would be applied.

Knowing “generational giving” and cultural giving is also important to tailor appeals across a diocese to reflect the variety of ways people give that tend to track with their community and peers. Regular stewardship quips in the bulletin next to financial reporting can helps parishes see a rise in offertory income. Utilizing AI for ask strings, circling back to dormant donors, and several touches with donors throughout the year are yet more tips to foster ordinary giving and prepare a diocese for the extraordinary appeal of a campaign.

At the heart of diocesan development work and long-term planning for a campaign is the vital necessity of building trust and relationship with pastors and school principals. It’s critical, Michael states, that they know you’ve got their back. “Once that trust level is there, it’s amazing what can get accomplished.”

Guest: Michael Hoffman
Title: Director of Development & Stewardship, Diocese of St. Augustine

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