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Don’t forget the thank you note

By September 10, 2014July 6th, 2022Steier Tips

The importance of a well-written thank you note is arguably best defined in this comment by Dale Carnegie: “Writing a sincere thank you note is one of the professional skills that can make a lasting, favorable impression.”

Acts of compassion must be recognized. No matter the size of the donation or sacrifice, people appreciate being thanked. They want to be reminded they are making a difference. And in today’s web-driven world, an email, text or tweet does not make the same impact as an old fashion, handwritten thank you note arriving in the mail.

When considering who should write the note of gratitude, consider the following:

  • CEO or development officer: They understand better than most that it is benefactors who ensure missions are fulfilled and programs are funded.
  • Board members: They provide leadership and financial support so they have a vested interest in the organization’s success.
  • Those benefiting from the support: Who better to offer a sincere thank you than those directly impacted by the sacrifice of others?

Whether it’s your organization’s letterhead, custom stationery or simply the artwork of school children, the thank you note offers a lasting impression of gratitude. It creates an emotional bond between the giver and the recipient, while serving to keep open the door to future financial considerations.

If you have any questions regarding the best practices when it comes to thanking those who make a difference in your organization’s mission or the professional services provided by the Steier Group, I encourage you to contact me at any time.