Rice Memorial High School

Rice Memorial High School in Burlington, Vermont, kicked off its capital campaign in November 2019. A combined request – capital campaign and annual appeal – the Investing in Our Legacy Capital Campaign was on track until the world ground to a halt with the COVID-19 pandemic. But school leadership didn’t panic. With guidance from the Steier Group, the Rice team adjusted expectations, changed plans and, most importantly after a brief pause, continued asking for support. A day of giving, scheduled for March, transitioned to a day of intentions. This change focused on community building over funds raised. Plans to raise funds for new construction were taken out of the campaign – lowering the goal and focusing on debt reduction and tuition assistance. Rice also changed its fundraising approach. The circumstances were considered for each major gift prospect. In some cases, that meant share a gift chart instead of a specific request amount to allow flexibility during a tough time. Once the campaign was ready to begin again, a PR blitz and new kickoff date helped provide momentum. Despite the challenges, the Rice Memorial High School community raised more than $4 million.

Campaign Stats

The Steier Group’s unique, hands-on campaign management model, combined with our expert grant writers, award-winning designers and creative fundraising strategies, allowed us to exceed goal.

Percentage of Goal

A Customized Approach

We founded our firm on the belief that the best capital campaign is one that is customized and executed by one team, under one roof. When you hire the Steier Group, you eliminate the need to contract with additional vendors for services like copywriting, graphic design, grant writing, video production, website development or wealth screening. We reject the one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising and embrace every opportunity to design a capital campaign plan that will maximize our client’s fundraising potential.

Customized Approach

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