What is capital campaign management?

“There just isn’t enough time in a day.”

How many times have you found yourself speaking or thinking this statement? How many times have you heard that from your organization’s employees or volunteers?

Within your organization, chances are good your devoted employees log more than 40 hours each week so that your organization can continue to serve your community. Now imagine adding an additional full-time job – requiring another 40 hours per week – to your employees’ or volunteers’ plate.

That’s what capital campaign management is: a full-time job. Managing a capital campaign includes a variety of jobs that exceed the staff resources typically available at a nonprofit. From cleaning databases to recruiting and training volunteers, a well-run, successful capital campaign requires the focus of a dedicated employee. If your organization lacks a grant writer or designer, these services also will need to be outsourced, requiring additional time and resources.

Do you and your staff have time for this?

The answer is likely no – and that’s where a capital campaign management firm comes into play. Running successful capital campaigns is what the Steier Group does best. We hire the best people to run campaigns for our clients. Our managers and support staff take the day-to-day management and material creation off your plate so you can focus on what you do best for your organization: Better your community. Serve God. Help others.

Four ways that a capital campaign management firm will improve the success of your campaign:

  • Guidance in establishing achievable goals
  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Develop your organization’s voice and share its story
  • Maintain a timeline customized to your needs

Guidance in establishing achievable capital campaign goals: Setting a public goal that is unachievable is a sure-fire way to hinder the success of your campaign. Even if a campaign raises a lot of money, if it falls short of your stated goal it will have a negative effect on morale. Disappointing employees, volunteers and donors is not a wise move for a nonprofit’s long-term success. A campaign planning study will provide you with the data you need to set achievable goals.

Recruit and train volunteers: Our capital campaign model is built on the knowledge that donors are more likely to give, and give more, when they are asked for a gift in person. That means that volunteer recruitment and training is critical to the success of major fundraising efforts. A capital campaign consultant will do the bulk of this work for you.

Develop your organization’s voice and share its story: Your organization has a great story. One that will inspire donors to give. Don’t let your message – or the lack of one – get in the way of fundraising success. Professional campaign managers know how to shape the narrative to sell your organization to prospective donors.

Maintain a capital campaign timeline customized to your needs: It can be easy to lose track of time. And that can be a killer mistake for a capital campaign. Campaign managers focus on one project at a time and devote their work week to the effort. This allows for a smooth, well-coordinated campaign.

In a time when hours seem to pass like minutes, let the Steier Group help get you to the finish line in a reasonable timeframe. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions regarding our capital campaign management services.